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How to use the rebar sleeve tightening machine
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1 Rebar sleeve tightening machine is a device that drives the chuck by a geared motor, and after the chuck clamps the rebar, the machine is started to tighten the sleeve.

2: After receiving the machine, check whether there is any damage during transportation, and then connect to the power (220V) after the inspection is correct.

3: First, manually attach two threaded buckles to the two steel bars that need to be connected.

4: The machine adopts a ratchet structure, the machine is reversed, the clamp is opened, and the steel bar that needs to be tightened is aligned with the center hole of the chuck and inserted.

The buckle part is inserted into the throat of the fixture,

To prevent damage to the thread. If you turn the machine forward again, the clamp die will clamp the steel bar to rotate. After screwing one of them at this time, stop the machine. Exit the machine in reverse. Another steel

Hold the steel wrench to prevent twisting. note:

The machine will have a reaction force during work. When the steel bar is tightened enough, the switch should be released in time to stop the machine to prevent the electric wrench from twisting and hurting workers due to excessive torque.

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